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Although born in Las Vegas, Aja fancies herself from Everywhere, USA, due to her nomadic childhood. These nomadic tendencies carried on in adulthood. Starting her career as a theatre actress in London, New York City, and San Francisco, she moved to Los Angeles to shift her focus to playwriting. Aja received her MFA in Dramatic Writing from the University of Southern California.


Aja creates plays with passion, politics, and magical realism to build off-kilter, uncanny worlds to tell nuanced, humanizing Black stories led by Black women. 


Aja’s a member of the Antaeus Theatre Company Playwrights Lab, the Ammunition Theatre Company Writers Lab and,  is an alumnus of The Road Theatre Under Construction Playwrights Group, where she has developed numerous plays.  Some include Journey to Alice, an Eugene O'Neill Theatre Conference Semi-Finalist and Floating on Credit, published in The Dionysian Literary Magazine.


Artistic Statement

MY INTENTION as a playwright is for my work to be the kindling for a transformative, healing light that humanizes women of color.


James Baldwin wrote, "The precise role of the artist…is to illuminate that darkness…to make the world a more human dwelling place."


As a Black American woman, I have desperately sought a dwelling place within the theatre canon that included multi-faceted representations of me throughout my life.


AS AN ARTIST, IT IS MY CHARGE to carve out and demand lighted spaces where Black people throughout the diaspora will be counted without limitations.

I employ magical realism in my work to bend the prescribed ideas of what is possible, what one can be, and BOLDLY CREATE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.


My plays are heightened character-driven thematic explorations of heritage, identity, self-love, faith, and the reverberations of the psychological scarring of descendants of Black American slaves.


Although my stories are told from my cultural perspective, they are FOR EVERYONE, FROM EVERYWHERE. I believe this is necessary to ensure theatre's future that reflects the diverse world in which we live.

IT IS IMPERATIVE FOR ME to be a part of shaping that future and encouraging the next generation of dramatists to do the same.

Artistic Statement

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